Since 1999, Building Services Group has been the name to depend on for commercial office facility maintenance in the Denver metro area. By combining excellent building repair and maintenance services, and professionalism, with small business core values, Building Services Group exceeds expectations while giving a personal touch that will solve your facility maintenance and repair problems with one call.

Building Services Group is the only comprehensive facility maintenance and repair service in the Denver Metro area that specializes in the health care industry. Designed specifically for the unique needs of medical and small to midsized office facilities that require a highly trained, multi-skilled building engineer, BSG’s services are perfect for the property manager or owner who wants the best possible service, but only on a part time contract basis.

With almost 75 buildings in our current portfolio, 91% of which are MOB or health care related, Building Services Group has the unique knowledge and experience required to keep these facilities in top condition, both functionally and aesthetically.

Would your property benefit from a professional facility engineer on board, but size and budget won’t justify the cost?  Consider taking advantage of BSG’s customized contract service.  You will have the same top notch skilled services as larger facilities but at a fraction of the cost of either an internal team or a permanent hire. Our fully customizable program will reduce your operating costs while maintaining your facilities in optimum condition.